Day Two of the FontForge Book Sprint

by mollysharp1

I think the whole team is now understanding exactly how much there is to do, and how little time to do it. No one is over-the-top stressed about it, but the realization is definitely helping us stay on task. The Google building we’re working in is very nice, and has break areas with foosbal, chalkboards and colored chalk, and a self-serve cafe with oodles of options—but no one is taking much advantage of any of that, other than a few minutes here and there.

Today I’m paired with Jason, and we are working together to write two detailed and screenshot-intensive chapters on using FontForge’s drawing tools. It’s satisfying, yet tiring, and we welcome the pop-in visits Adam occasionally pays us to help advise on the direction we’re taking with the coverage.

We had a group review with all 3 sprints just after lunch, where we went through each book chapter by chapter, noting progress or lack of progress, and made sure everyone had enough to do and knew exactly what they should be doing. We will leave any reading, reviews, and rewrites for tomorrow, since there are so many chapters that don’t even exist as a first draft yet.

I think tonight people will be pretty exhausted. It will be interesting to see where things stand in the morning. The files have to go to the printer by tomorrow night, or there will be no printed books for all to take home.