by mollysharp1

The GSoC Doc Camp

GSoC Doc Camp

Today is the Outro… the purpose of which seems to be to make sure everyone understands next steps for the care and feeding of their books. As Gunner said, there’s a 90-90 rule. Making the book is 90% of the work, but there’s still 90% to do in getting it out there and maintaining it. Adam ran through an impressive range of the BookType tools we can use to refine the CSS and publish to multiple formats, including Lulu POD. Then we broke out into the team groups to clarify the plans for next steps.

One thing the teams were tasked with was establishing who the responsible party would be, to own the documentation going forward. In signing up for the job, the person wouldn’t be signing on to maintain it on his or her own, but would be the driving force behind updates and would keep an eye on the RSS feed to make sure any community updates were reviewed.

The other outro tasks were about all the next steps, including writing an email announcement; determining whether the book would have a website; specific plans to get the word out to the target audience; and any other tasks that still seemed necessary. Gunner gave some useful advice for how to make the email announcement as effective as possible by using a very specific, targeted request for help.